Monday, February 21, 2011

Stereo-Bloody-Labyrinthian Tables: John Nouanesing

I came across the coolest tables in the planet from french designer John Nouanesing. All of them look flawlessly produced and I love their concepts. The first one is called "Paint or Die but Love me" and it's just a red rectangle floating in the air. The catch is that is dripping....paint, blood or whatever red substance comes across your sick mind. The second is called "Stereovision" and well....not much to explain here....bring your 3D glasses and have dinner!. I love the fact that he added an extra set of legs to complete the illusion. Last but not least, the "Labyrinthe" table, which looks like taken out of an Atari game from the 80's. For your beautiful and crazy house: John Nouanesing's tables.

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