Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lucky Charm: The Bahia Chair

This vintage chair was reupholstered in yellow velvet and redesigned by London Studio 20Age to include more than 5000 “fitas” or Brazilian ribbons that are used -literally- In remembrance of the Savior of Bahia. They come in every possible color and are imprinted with the phrase “Lembrança do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia”. In the 18th century, the Fitas were used as necklaces with the name of a saint embroidered on them as proof of a miraculous cure or healing. “Fita” means “measure” as it size corresponded to the length of the arm of the Christ’s statue at the Senhor do Bonfim Church. Nowadays they have return as a lucky charm. If you go to Bahía you should bring some back home and give them as a gift to a close friend. Then you have to put the ribbon around their wrists and tie 3 knots. Which each knot your friend should make a wish. When the ribbon wears off or falls -naturally-, the wishes are granted by the Senhor do Bonfim.
With this chair you can ask 15.000 wishes but you’ll have to wait a bit until all the ribbons disintegrate. Good luck and enjoy The Bahia Chair!

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