Saturday, February 26, 2011

Family Portraits: Travis Louie

I just bought a book called Curiosities from New York artist Travis Louie. He took a whole catalog of fantastic and grotesque characters and portrayed them in a Victorian fashion with some hints of Film Noir. They all look like family portraits that you could easily hang in one of your walls along that picture of your great grand mother or that aunt that survived two world wars. I'm sure that in many cases -like mine- they rassemble a lot to many non-fictional crazy families. This guy created a world for himself where monsters look friendly, candid and destroyed that horrible prejudice that the media has created around them (just like Sharks or Snakes). In the book, he also includes a small biography to each of his characters. In any case, I want one to hang it besides grandma's picture although I'm not sure if she would appreciate that. For your family album: Travis Louie's Curiosities.

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