Sunday, February 13, 2011

Everyday Beauty: Hiroshi Watanabe

This Japanese photographer has travelled and photographed the world's daily life in such a beautiful way and simplicity. I find his works reflect the perfect intersection of people, places, traditions and time. He seems to be always in the right place at the perfect moment, but isn't it a photographers job?. Japan, India, Ecuador or the US, this guy is a beauty chaser. Enjoy Hiroshi Watanabe!

Agra Fort, India (2000) Hiroshi Watanabe

Battery Park, New York (1999) Hiroshi Watanabe

Deer carved by Tokushige, Heart Mountain, Wyoming

El Arbolito Park, Quito, Ecuador (2002) Hiroshi Watanabe

Gathering, San Lazaro Psychiatric Hospital

Hoover Dam, Nevada (2001) Hiroshi Watanabe

Santa Rosa Farm, Ecuador (2000) Hiroshi

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Spain (2005) Hiroshi Watanabe

Maiko Takaku, Matsuo Kabuki (2003) Hiroshi Watanabe

Marina Ema & Kazusa Ito, Matsuo Kabuki (2003) Hiroshi Watanabe

Natsuki Tukamoto, Matsuo Kabuki (2003) Hiroshi Watanabe

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