Monday, April 30, 2012

Ephemeral beauty: Myeongbeom Kim

Like taken out from a dream, the work of this korean artist is a mix of surrealism and everyday objects and situations. Nature and manmade objects get together in satiric and playful ways that evoke otherworldly and dreamy scenarios. I wonder what Salvador Dalí or Luis Buñuel would have thought about this. For your gorgeous dreams:  The art of Myeongbeom Kim

 Myeongbeom Kim

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sculptural Drawings - Becoming the object: Tomohiro Inaba

I'm back! Sorry for abandoning my beloved blog! I've been working on my own beautiful things. Anyways, to continue with the thread....I just came across this amazing japanese sculptor who creates beautifully stylized objects that seem like drawings that have come alive as volumes. The movement, the lightness of the images are a great contrast to the weight of the materials. I think that the brain-completing-the-image trick is fantastic as it leaves room for everyone to imagine and fantasize about them. Wish I could see them live but here's a preview I found just googling him. For your beautiful brain: Tomohiro Inaba

Tomohiro Inaba