Thursday, December 26, 2013

Unfolded Photography: Anatoly Zenkov

Russian interactive designer Anatoly Zenkov was initially known for his DIY art software which transformed the movement of your mouse into pieces or art (check IOGraphica, I'm using it as I'm writing this post). In this series, entitled "Persistent Pyramids", Anatoly takes art into a more controlled environment by manipulating landscape images and transforming them into simple and minimalistic interventions. Inspired by the work of Francisco Infante-Arana and Nonna Gorunova, Zenkov takes the mechanics of broken mirrors and forces them into beautiful and ephemeral spaces in a deliberate but delicate manner which make the landscape literally unfold before your eyes.

For that corner of your brain where everything is possible: The Photography of Anatoly Zenkov

Anatoly Zenkov
(All Images used with permission of the artist) 

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